Saturday, December 27, 2008

Traveling the Bohemian Highway

During a collaborative game of Scrabble on Christmas afternoon my mom and I decided to follow the directions on the back of the Bohemian Highway California Chardonnay 2007 "Uncork, unwind and let the journey begin."

Actually, we didn't go anywhere, but we did unwind to the slightly sweet flavor of the chard as we tried to think of wine related words to place on the board. I managed to get vino.

At $10 for 1.5 liters it's not a bad investment.


  1. hey! congratulations for your bolg!
    i make wine, well, i give a hand...making wine is a looot of work to do it alone.
    it is a winery in Spain and i can look for spanish wines in that price range =)

  2. Great blog - so far so good. I am interested in learning more about <$15 wines. We have a few really good wine stores in the area, but I'm always hungry for more knowledge!

  3. Vino doesn't count! It has to be an English word in scrabble silly! Hey we should play scrabble online! I love it...hope you are doing awesome...thanks for the text and Merry Christmas!

  4. Another wine to try that is cheap: Bogle Petite Syrah...

  5. Thanks for the suggestion and calling me on my cheater word :) I'd love to play scrabble online with you some time. I'm not sure how it works, so you'll have to help me get started.