Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Banrock Station Shiraz Is Hard to Put Down

I've been watching Wine Library TV over the last couple of days and I've picked up a few things about wine tasting from Gary Vaynerchuk's daily video wine blog that I tried to implement when tasting Banrock Station's 2007 Shiraz. Thanks for the education Gary!

Only $5.79 a bottle, this earth-friendly wine from South Eastern Australia was really hard for me to put down.

As Gary does, I gave it a few really good sniffs and honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but it smelled like the Outback Steakhouse to me. I kid you not. More specifically it smelled warm, musty and peppery.

When I swirled it around in my mouth I noticed that this wine had a rich, soft velvety texture. The first thing I tasted was pepper, but I also got notes of cherry, alcohol, leather, smoke and raisin.

For ideas from Gary about nice wines at nice prices check out Finding Good Wines at Great Prices on Get Rich Slowly.

Do you have a favorite Shiraz that I should try and post about?

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