Monday, May 25, 2009

Visiting Boutique Wine Shop Pays Off

As promised, I began my recovery by braving the Wine Cellar's six year anniversary wine tasting celebration this weekend. (I just noticed that the url of their site is!)

I introduced myself to Erin the shop owner shortly after I got there, who seemed friendly, albeit puzzled by my awkward introduction. She was really busy so I tried to stay out of her way by hovering around the tasting tables making small talk with the people pouring and the other tasters.

I tried perusing the budget racks of the shop myself a couple of times, but was too embarrassed to pick up every bottle and turn it over to look for a price tag.

Eventually, I started to run out of tasting tickets and realized I needed to get home and to let Mr. T out to relieve himself, so I got up the nerve to whisper to the staff person behind the cash register that I was looking to buy something for my blog about wines under $10. Naturally, she said Erin would be the best suited to help me. I cringed as she hustled to the tasting tent to retrieve the shop owner.

Erin was extremely gracious and took me on a quick tour of the budget sections of the shop. Upon her recommendation, I purchased a bottle of Painter Bridge 2007 California Zinfandel for approximately $8.

I took it home and savored it alongside The Secret Life of Bees. (If you've never done this before, I highly recommend pairing a wine and a movie. If you're lucky, like a good food pairing the two will enhance each other.)

Like the movie, this zin doesn't have a lot of the depth, but the characters are endearing and it leaves you with a sense of being home. It's like warm raspberry pie a la mode in a glass. Smooth, jammy--but not too sweet--with hints of vanilla and raisins.

Despite being a zinfandel, this wine is not too heavy for this time of year. In fact, it can go down a little to easy so as Erin suggestes, keep it in the kitchen forcing you to have to get up to refill your glass or it will be gone before you know it!

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